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  • Personalized Street Sign Personalized Street Sign - Vintage Style by Becca B.
    This was my second purchase and both times the signs were perfect and arrived very quickly. LOVE this vendor!
  • Custom Porsche Garage Signs Custom Porsche Garage Sign by Tamara P.
    The sign is perfect, and the service was fast. Thank you!
  • PERSONALIZED CIGAR LOUNGE SIGN Personalized Cigar Lounge by Duncan V.
    Great Sign and speedy delivery, it was purchased as a gift and the recipient was delighted. I expect his friends will want one when they see it, I will gladly refer them to Classic Metal Signs. Well done!!
  • Corvette Parking Only Sign Corvette Sign by Jack Taulbee
    Love the design looking like metal
  • Mini Cooper Signs Mini Cooper Signs by Tom R.
    Excellent quality sign! Looks great in the garage with my 2 MINIs!!!
    Sign is beautiful and arrived in good time considering it came from Ireland. The only question I have is if it is truly metal? That is the reason I chose this one as it will be outside on a building. It does not feel like metal? Can you confirm?
  • Jaguar Parking Only Sign Jaguar Parking Only Sign - Jaguar Signs by Martin Burdis
  • Custom Mini Garage Signs Custom Mini Garage Sign by Barbara G.
    This was purchased as a gift for my daughters new home. It is great and I know she will love it. Very easy to order and very quick delivery. Thank you.
  • Vintage Mind The Gap Sign VINTAGE MIND THE GAP SIGN by Nancy N.
    Fair price, good quality, quick delivery. This is a motivational phrase for me, and I look forward to seeing it every day on my bookcase.
  • Airbnb Parking Only Signs Airbnb Parking Only Sign by Josie
    Thank you for making the changes! Looks fabulous
  • Personalized Fix-it Shop Sign PERSONALIZED Fix-it Shop Sign by Catherine
    Wonderful sign! Great quality and very quick (and reasonable cost) shipping! Thank you, my husband loves his gift!
  • WILLKOMMEN SIGN Willkommen Sign - German Welcome Signs by Jer Lambert
    This sign is so beautiful! It adds so much charm to our barn loft. Thank you so much!
  • Bull Crossing Sign BULL CROSSING SIGN by John Orosco
    Sign was wonderfull, and it has the patina look. I will surely buy if I need another sign !!
  • Personalized Homestead Sign by Patricia Kender
    It was perfect! I would definitely use them again!
  • Custom Dog Name Signs Custom Dog Name Sign by Catherine
    Once again, CMS did a great job with my request. More signs to come in my future. Thanks again for a great job!!
  • The Shed Sign The Shed Sign - Outdoor Signs by Wilma Ward
    will be putting on my new shed
  • Honey Signs Honey Signs - Honey For Sale by Anonymous
  • SLAINTE SIGN Slainte Sign - Irish Cheers Sign by Kevin J.
  • Minnesota Vikings Logo Sign Minnesota Vikings Logo Sign by Diane L.
  • PERSONALIZED CIGAR LOUNGE SIGN Personalized Cigar Lounge by Frank
    Purchased has a birthday gift for friend, who really enjoyed it. Surprisingly quick delivery. Only suggestion I have is maybe a "who's it from note". Also had a small bend in a corner probably from dropping it in route. Otherwise very pleased with purchase.
  • MAZDA RESERVED PARKING Sign Mazda Parking Only Sign - Mazda Signs by Jiří R.
  • Hot Tub Sign Custom Hot Tub Sign by John
    Just like pictured; great quality
  • Custom Sign Create Your Own Vintage Sign by Todd Sanders
    It's great, I would love an option for even larger signs
  • Custom McLaren Garage Signs Custom McLaren Garage Sign by Jannet T.
    Fantastic sign excellent quality very pleased
  • Fresh Eggs Sign Fresh Eggs Sign - Fresh Eggs For Sale Sign by Catherine
    My Fresh Eggs signs arrived exactly when they said they would and they look great! I also requested that one be done in French and my request was granted. Now my French and English neighbours know when we have eggs available. I'll be sure to be ordering more signs in the future. Thank you!!
  • Mini Cooper Signs Mini Cooper Signs by Victoria
    Excellent quality and fast overseas delivery. Couldn’t have expected better.
  • TOYOTA RESERVED PARKING Sign Toyota Parking Only Sign - Toyota Signs by Daniel
    My wife loved it. It's a perfect addition to our garage! Il be back to purchase more! Highly recommended.
  • Mini Cooper Signs Mini Cooper Signs by Bill Ascheman
    Just what I was lookin for. Arrived sooner than expected.
  • JACK DANIELS SIGN Vintage style JACK DANIELS SIGN Vintage style by Reyes Ribera
    Quality product!
  • Honda Garage Sign Custom Honda Garage Sign by Alicia Kinney
    He loved it!
  • Rang Rover Parking Only Sign Range Rover Parking Only Sign by Jake Mansfield
    Excellent quality and looks really cool in the drive
  • Please Grow Sign Please Grow Sign - Garden Signs by Jodiann Garrett
  • No Peeing in the Pool Signs No Peeing Pool Sign by Lori
    Love this sign! Great quality and fast shipping.
  • Custom Sign Create Your Own Vintage Sign by christina
    They responded quickly, adjusted to my suggestions & it arrived quickly. I'm a happy Texan.
  • Custom Sign Create Your Own Vintage Sign by Dan
    John the associate assigned to my sign was great to work with. We went back and forth on design options until he nailed it. Very pleased with his professionalism and the product. Extremely happy with the outcome and would definitely order another sign from this company.
  • Custom Rolls Royce Garage Signs Custom Rolls Royce Garage Sign by Matthew L.
    Great quality and price. Really nicely finished, my son absolutely loves his sign.
  • Create Your Own Vintage Sign - Long by Curtis L.
    Y’all have made signs for me before. Your work and service does not disappoint.
  • Cubs Parking Only Signs Cubs Parking Only Sign by Julie Van Camp
    Arrived in a timely fashion. It was as surprise gift to a friend who is a Cub's fan and parks her car out front. She doesn't know I gave it to her. Someday I will have to tell her. Thanks, Julie
  • Pop Pop's Workshop Sign Pop pop's Workshop Sign by James C.
    Love it
  • Volkswagen Parking Only Garage Sign Volkswagen Parking Only Sign - Volkswagen Signs by Rita
    Very high quality, classy sign. I am a collector of VW merchandise and was quite pleased discover this sign. Ordering and shipping process was efficient. Thank You!
  • Custom Sign Create Your Own Vintage Sign by Alison Alexander
    We are so thrilled with the design and quality of these signs. Living in Canada we experience extreme weather conditions and it's difficult to find a material that will withstand the elements. We purchased our first outdoor signs from Classic Metal Signs 2 years ago and they are still holding strong. We would also like to thank John and his family for such amazing customer service. Sincerely, Alison & James (Ontario, Canada)
  • LEXUS RESERVED PARKING Sign Lexus Parking Only Sign - Lexus Signs by Anonymous
    Absolutely love this sign. It's very well made and quite shiny in person. Also lightweight and easy to hang without needing any anchoring.
  • Please Grow Sign Please Grow Sign - Garden Signs by Anne Minaee
    Love it, just what I wanted. Shipped from Ireland to USA with no problems.
  • Stella Artois Sign STELLA ARTOIS SIGN - Stella Beer Sign by kerry c.
    So pleased with this sign
  • Mini Cooper Signs Mini Cooper Signs by bryan.uyesugi
    This company is GOOD! Their quality is excellent and their customer service is the best!
  • Honey Signs Honey Signs - Honey For Sale by Michael Webster
    Sign Fine, a portrait orientation for outdoor use. But personally, I would have prefered a bolder word "Honey"
  • Aston Martin Parking Only Signs Aston Martin Parking Only Sign by Mireille
    This is the second different sign we ordered. My husband likes them a lot. Rally nice quality and Quick delivery
  • The Shed Sign The Shed Sign - Outdoor Signs by Donna T.
    Very happy!
  • The Barn Sign The Barn Sign - Outdoor Signs by Donna T.
    Just as pictured!

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